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10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog

fun games to play with dog

Does your dog get bored more often? Looking for fun games to kill his boredom? In this article, we will help you to find the best games for your dog.

Playing games is useful not only for the physical fitness of dogs but also for mental health. Games keep your pup busy, active, and away from aggression. Study reveals that dogs who are not involved in the games end up with behavioral issues like anxiety, stress, and anger.

We know you often remain busy and find it tough to spend time with your pet and play games with him. Don’t worry! Here are some fun games that you can play with your dog at any time. I assure you these games will develop a special bond between you and your canine companion.

Indoor Games

Play hide and go seek game

Hide and go seek is not only a game but also a real-life skill for your puppy. If you have played this game with your dog, it will help him stay calm and relaxed in a difficult time, like losing your dog while jogging in a park. Don’t panic! By using his doggy sense, he will find you.

How to play? 
Start this game from home. Hide in another room and ask the dog to find you. When he seeks you, then reward him with a treat or praise him warmly. Eventually, start playing this game outdoor.  

To strengthen the recall of the dog, during the game, follow the command “come.”

Train your dog with the household chores

Dogs love to remain engaged, even in simple activities at home. Mostly dogs create a mess, but it’s your training that will make them a blessing.

You can involve them in the chores at home like ask them to fetch something from the fridge, mop the floor, clean the drawers, etc.

Brain Games

Play cup game with dog

The cup game is also called a shell game. This fabulous game stimulates your dog’s mind and helps him to keep his mind focused. Such games are a great challenge for a doggy.

How to play? 
Take three to four plastic cups and place them on the upside-down position. Put a dog toy or treat under the cup in front of the dog. Then give command of “come” to your doggy and let him find the treat. After this switch over the cup with the treat, allow the dog to find the treat. If he finds this time, give him the treat.

Treasure hunt game

The treasure hunt is a fun game for you and your canine companion. Dogs depend on their powerful sniffing sense. They sniff around to find things. You can use this sense to challenge your dog and let him find the treat.

Outdoor games

Better up game

A Doggy like this fetch game keeps him active and enables him to release the extra amount of energy. The batter up game also makes up the muscles of a dog, strong.

First, keep your dog calm and hold a ball and wiffle in your hands. Place the ball on the ground and hit it with wiffle. Ask your dog to get the ball by giving him the command, “take it.” When he comes back with the ball, command him to drop the ball. Finally, repeat the game

Frisbee dog game

The Frisbee dog or disc dog game is famous worldwide as it keeps the dog physically active and enables him to maintains his excessive energy. This game also helps dog owners to train their canine companions. Dogs love the Jumping and running after the disc during the game.

Before playing the game, ensure that you have bought a flying disc for your pup.

Let’s play!

Throw the flying disc in air and command your dog to get the disc. When he brings the disc again, command him “give.” If your dog obeys your training commands, then provide him a reward in the form of a treat. Repeat this game until your dog loses his interest.  

Water games

When summer is at the full swing, its fun to play water games with a dog, these games are not only healthy exercises but also a way to cool off.

Pool fetch game

You throw the ball or toy of your dog in the pool and ask him to fetch it. Your pooch will swim through the pool and bring the ball back to you.

Always throw the ball at the shallow area of the pool to make the game slightly safer. Also, throw the ball in the clean water so you can see your dog.

During this game, the dog has to swim, and Swimming is perfect for the dogs to prevent them from cardiovascular diseases and arthritis.

Agility hoops in the water

Encourage your doggy to jump or swim through the hula hoop. Once the puppy crosses the hoop, give him a treat or praise him a lot. To properly train him to raise the hoop slightly above the ground, and if he again jumps through it, reward him!

Continue increasing the height and let your dog jump through all. This is fun!

Training games

Name game

The name Game is the traditional game of dogs, enabling them to know about the different smells and changing environments.

Call the name of your pup for At least 8 to 10 times daily. When he looks back at you, reward him! This activity of the name game will develop a beautiful bond between you and your dog.

Remember: As long as the dog is focused, continue playing the name game.

Give game

Give game is very beneficial during the training of a dog. It enables your dog to become a well-mannered pooch.   

Begin the game in a small room. Drop one of the favorite toys of your dog on the ground and ask him to pick up. As soon as he comes with the toy, leash him gently and command him ”give” the toy. When he gives you the toy, reward him with the treat present in your other hand.

Keep practicing this game and let your dog pick his favorite items. This trading game will help your dog to get rid of aggression and anxiety.

Remember: When your dog starts losing interest. Stop the game!

Wrapping Up!

If you want to develop a strong bond with your dog, then listen to his silent voice. Make him more comfortable and happier, and playing games are the only way to make a pup happy.

I hope you will play these games with your dog and enjoy them. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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