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How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog?

choosing dog toys


Have you collected a plethora of useless dog toys? Are you searching for the toys that actually attract your dog?

Just like you, dogs also get bored; they also need entertainment. Unlike you, they can’t kill their time watching movies or using the smart phone.

To remain indoor is not an amusement for anyone-even not for your pet. So get the toys for your dog not just for fun, but toys that help them build independence and love you more.

There are several dog toys available in the market, and selecting a perfect one from them is challenging. Some dogs like hard toys while others are excited by soft stuff toys. Choose the toys that fit your dog chewing habits and interest.

It’s good that you take your puppy to a toy shop and let him find his toy. But in the end, make sure that the toy he chose should be the right for him in terms of safety and health.

The dog toy market is rising rapidly. According to a survey, in 2013-14, Americans spend 64 million dollars, and now in 2020, the demand has increased to 79 million dollars per annum.

Guidelines When Choosing a Dog Toy

Before choosing a dog toy, follow these guidelines for the safety of your pet.

  1. Choose a toy of an average size because your dog can’t comfortably carry a toy too big and a toy too-small can lodge in your dog’s throat.
  2. Take the overly large and sharp stick away from your dog as it can cause neck and mouth injuries.
  3. Avoid the use of hard and heavy toys for your dog. Such toys, when swallowed, can break the teeth.
  4. Dogs usually eat the stuffing of toys so closely watch them and try to use safer alternatives.
  5. Never let your dog play with battery-operated toys because they can easily break the battery and eat the stuff present within it.
  6. Look for the toys made up of non-toxic material or chemicals.
  7. Do not allow your dog to play with rubber bands, string, or pantyhose, these when swollen, can cause severe intestinal problems.
  8. Consult your veterinarian before giving rawhide to your dog.

Selecting the Perfect Toys for Your Dog

Ball Toys

A dog loves to play with rubber balls, tennis balls, or foam balls. It’s fun for them to open the ball toys containing treats. Before buying balls, toys make sure that they are made up of durable material, so if your dog chews the ball, it doesn’t tear into pieces.

Choose a hollow ball for the active chewers.    

Here a few options from us you can choose from:

Interactive Glowing Ball Toy

Pet Dog Rubber Ball

Pet Ball Toy

Soft and Plush Toys

Plush toys are a sort of companion for your dog. Dogs adore plush toys and take them everywhere, like babies. Most dogs remain gentle and pleasant to plush toys; means they don’t rip them off. But if your dog treats them as their prey, go for the toys having squeaker or other types of stuffing at the center.

The squeaking noise will keep them engaged in the toy. Besides all this, such toys can be dangerous for your dog when ingested. So please keep close supervision on your dog when he is playing with plush toys.

Check out our recommended toy:

Dog Chew Toy

Non-Plush Squeaky Toys

Non-plush squeaky toys are soft toys made up of vinyl or plastic. Such toys are suitable for dogs that are not active chewers. If your dog is aggressive chewers, then don’t choose these toys. Non-plush toys are inexpensive but are not durable and long-lasting.

The squeakers are also used in such toys, but if the squeaking noise bothers you, go for the silent squeakers. Due to squeakers, these vinyl dog toys are famous for solo play.   

Treats Stuffed and Puzzle Toys

Food and treat stuffed toys can keep the dog busy and alert. They are fun toys offering mental stimulation. Such toys are available in various shapes and are made up of nylon or hard rubber because these last long. Kong wobbler and puzzle games are popular treat stuffed toys.

Foobler is another toy containing both food and learning. If you notice that your dog is getting frustrated and cannot solve the puzzle of these toys, replace them with any other kind of toy because this can harm them.

Tip: According to the dog specialist, stuff the toys with healthy and tastier food items like peanut butter or yogurt.  

Dog Water-Friendly Toys

Pool toys are important for the dogs to play in the water. Whether it’s a floating ball, neoprene fish, or elusive bobbing rubber duck all takes the excitement of a dog to the next level. Water-friendly toys are generally made to withstand rough and bumpy water play, so if you are heading to a dog beach, stuff the dog’s bag with floating toys.

Rope and Tug Toys

Dogs enjoy playing tug of war with their owner. The game develops confidence and provides mental stimulation to your dog. Tug and rope toys are usually made up of rubber, linen, leather, or plastic. The main advantage of buying tug toys is that they don’t shred into pieces.

However, if the rope toys shred, then immediately replace them because if the threads are swollen, they might cause gastrointestinal issues. Select a durable and inexpensive toy for your dog.

Never snatch the toy from the mouth of a dog, instead of training them to respond to your training commands. If you pull the toy, it may cause jaw or neck injuries.

Indestructible Dog Toys

Dogs have an innate desire to chew. Chewing makes them mentally alert and helps to remove plaque from the teeth. The dogs that don’t chew can suffer from dental issues. So select right chew toys for your active chewer dogs. Rawhide chews and bones are the best chew toys; they are available in different shapes, sizes, and flavors.     

Points to Remember:

  • All the toys, when swallow can cause the risk to your dog’s health.
  • The toys with sharp and pointed edges should never be used.
  • Discard damaged and hurtful toys.
  • Let your dog play under supervision.


Toys provide enjoyment to our pets, so choose the best toy for your pooch. If your doggy follows your commands, then toss these toys as a reward to them. These toys will help you prevent your dog from destructive behavior and turn them into a well-mannered citizen. The right toy also provides dental health to your dog and banishes boredom. Check out these toys for your canine, hope your dog will love them.


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