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How to Keep Your Dog Happy Without Spoiling Him?

keep your dog happy without spoiling

Do you love your dog unconditionally? Do you want him to stay happy and entertained without being spoiled?

It’s a challenging process, but for you, we have compiled some tips that will help you to keep your canine companion happy and healthy.

Loving a dog doesn’t spoil him, but letting him jump around, eat from your plate, and using your bathroom will surely spoil him and make him a problem for you. Instead of retraining your dog, train him properly from the first day. Set up the commands and remain consistent with them.

Keep Your Dog Busy When You Are At Work

It’s a fact that you can’t take your dog everywhere; at times, he needs to stay at home. But dogs don’t like to be alone; they usually suffer from separation anxiety. To prevent them from this condition and make them happy you should teach your dog how can stay at home alone. While leaving home, you can do one of the following:

  • Provide your dog a puzzle and let him solve it
  • Hide the treat or dog food anywhere in the house and leave him to search it.
  • Place several chew toys on the table.

All these activities will keep him engaged and happy.

Play Games With Your Dog

Playing games is always fun and enjoyable for a dog. Playing Games daily not only makes your pup happy but also enriches his life. Games are the best source of training a dog without even making him realize. Adding a few games to your dog’s routine will keep him physically and mentally stimulated and active because these are fun ways to make your dog release his energy. You don’t need to play for 2 to 3 hours with your pup, 15 minutes session of games is also enough. Few fun games that relieves the stress of your dog and strengthen his bond with you are

  • Frisbee
  • Flirt pole
  • Tug of war
  • Treasure hunt

Assert Yourself as a Pack Leader

A dog owner starts training him when he is born. The owner/ pack leader sets up the rules and limitations for training him like he controls the time of play and eating habits. Know your pack and set up the training plan of your dog. Following that plan will create a balance and build an in-depth relationship between you and your dog. A pack leader should

Remain confident and assertive when influencing his dog to interact socially.

Set up the boundaries for his pup and train his dog to understand his eye contact and body language.

Teach his puppy to wait for either for food or go to the park because “wait” is a lifesaver for a dog and helps him to acquire good habits.

Boost Confidence of Your Dog

A fearful and shy dog can’t explore new places and socialize with other humans or dogs. A fearful dog often licks his lips, drops the tail, shakes off, or tries to hide. If you see these signs in your dog, then don’t ignore them. Start boosting the confidence level of your pup. Reward him with a treat if he masters a trick.

  • Try the technique of exposure management to rewire the pups’ brains.
  • Take him to a different environment where he feels much relaxed and happy.
  • Involve him in agility training. The training will help him to develop more trust and faith in himself.
  • Teach him obedience training because it will enable your dog to understand your body language and follow your direction.
  • Rapidly introduce him to new things but not new people.

Feed Your Dog Healthiest Diet

Good nutrition affects the health and behavior of the dog. The certain cells of the brain and the metabolic process of the body do not work efficiently without a perfect diet. In dogs, many other health issues are associated with a poor diet like kidney problems or heart disease.

Such deadly disease will make your doggy stressed out. So feed your canine companion an adequate amount of food containing all the essential ingredients.

Young puppies need food enriched in fatty acid DHA to boost his mental abilities. At the same time, an old dog should receive food containing antioxidants which prevent cognitive disorders and other age-related problem in dogs. Feed your dog at least 2 to 3 times a day.

Socialize Your Dog

Exposing your dog to other people in the early formative years of life decreases the aggressive and antisocial behavior of a dog. The most critical time of making a dog, a socialized animal, is early 16 to 18 weeks of his life.

Dogs who spend time interacting with others can easily cope up with every situation and make his confidence. When a dog plays with other dogs, it brings positive energy or fun in his life and keeps him away from stress.

Provide an opportunity for your dog to find a BFFF (best furry friend forever) to make him happy and spend quality playtime.

Ensure That Your Dog Feels Safe

If you love your dog, then ensure his safety. Place a tag or microchip in dog’s collar permanently to save him from predators and other potential problems like hot or cold weather, an accident, etc. further fastened the dog when taking him to car trips. Don’t take your pet in the high traffic areas, and when kids are around, the dog supervises them as they might hurt a small dog while handling.

Give a Dog Massage

It seems funny to massage a dog. But it’s not! The message helps the dog to relieve the tension and stay calm. It improves the tissue healing process and reduces the pain at the wound site.

Message increases the blood circulation, boosts the immune system, and improves other bodily functions of the dog. Hence, when you massage your dog, he will feel refreshed and revitalized.

Cuddle the Dog

Dogs like cuddling. It provides a feeling of warmth and protection. The holding of the dog in your arm shows your love and affection towards him, which builds a special love bond among you two. The petting and snuggling a dog releases a love hormone called oxytocin, which releases anxiety and stress and enables a dog to develop social bonds.

Treat your pup as your infant, give him love gaze, and make him happy.

Point to Remember:

If you give more attention to your dog when he misbehaves, then you are spoiling him. Next time whenever he will want your attention, he will repeat the same bad behavior. So always reward your dog for his good behavior.

You can use the rewards and the power of love to turn him into a good doggy. When your pup is jumping around, ignore him, and don’t reward him.  


To unspoil your dog, spare the time and retrain him. Either leash him or start from the basic commands. Follow all the above instructions and enjoy cheerfully and dream life with your pooch.

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