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How to Prolong Your Dog's Life?

How to prolong your dog's life

Dogs are loyal friends; they bring joy and relaxation in life. The unconditional love and companionship of a dog are real things that bring a smile on the owner's face and keep him relaxed.

However, the fact that humans have a longer life span than dogs eventually brings the owner to sorrow and grief. Certainly! Thinking of loss of a beloved dog is quite devastating for the dog's owner, and they end up questioning, "How can we prolong our dog's life?"

Here are some tips that will help you ensure that your pooch lives a long, happy, and healthy life.

1. Promote Healthy Eating Habits

According to research the dogs with restricted calories have a longer life span. Therefore, gradually reduce the calories of your dog by consulting a dog specialist.

Inappropriate eating habits can lead to obesity in dogs, which results in heart and joint issues. So be aware of what you are feeding to your dog. It's in your hand that what you choose for your canine friend. Before feeding your dog, check out the ingredients and quality of food. Ensure that the food doesn't contain an excess of salt and sugar.

2. Brushing the Teeth Regularly

Dental care is essential for dogs because they are more likely to develop gum diseases. About 85% of the dogs suffer from periodontal disease at five years of age due to the accumulation of bacteria and food in gums. The bacteria turn into plaque and cause heart and kidney problems in dogs.

For dental care of your doggy finger, brush their teeth regularly, or provide them with chew toys as they are good to reduce plague—moreover, schedulable visit your vet for the plaque cleaning sessions.

3. Don't Stress the Dog

Stress makes both humans and animals prone to weakness and illness. A dog is stressed out in response to the stress of his owner. According to research, dogs' anxiety increases with the apprehension of humans because they are highly attached to their owner's mood. Don't allow your mood to affect your dog.

Separation anxiety is another big problem that dogs face. Leaving a dog alone for a long time leads to such anxiety and heightens their stress level. Try to accompany your dog most often because an anxiety-free dog is a healthier one and lives longer.

4. Schedule the Vaccination

The vaccine helps your puppy to prevent various illnesses and live them a healthy, longer life. Different types of vaccine (i.e., core pet vaccine and non-core vaccine) are there to boost your dog's immune system and allow him to combat disease-causing agents. So talk to your pet's doctor about the vaccination schedule and follow the recommendations.

5. Get a Small Dog

The larger animals are expected to live longer than the smaller ones. For example, humans live longer than a dog, which lives longer than a cat. A cat has a longer life span than a fly. But this is opposite within the species like a smaller dog lives longer than a bigger one. So buy a puppy and let him live with you for a long time.  

The life expectancy of a dog varies concerning their size.

Size Of The Dog

Average Life Span

Smaller dogs


Large size dogs


Giant dog breeds


6. Exercising Your Dog Regularly.

Regularly exercising a dog helps him to maintain his weight and remain active. Ideally, your dog needs a workout of 30 minutes daily. For dogs, the workout is not about weightlifting or doing planks; it's about to kick up a jog or have a prolonged walk outside the house.

Exercise enables a dog to release endorphins, a hormone that releases stress and balances mood and emotions. So make an exercising routine of your dog and bring happiness in his life.

Here are a few dog toys that could help:

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7. Comfy Dog Bed

There is not anything more comforting for a sleeping dog to enjoy comfy bedding. Make sure that your pet has the best bed as it relaxes them and raises the chances of increasing their life span. Every dog needs a different type of bed based on their size and age. For example,

  • Make side bolsters in the bed of the dog who likes to sleep by putting his head on some support
  • Prefer orthopedic beds for the old dogs.
  • Young dogs like waterproof beds
  • For the heavy and bulky dogs, appreciate thicker beds so that they can bear their weight.

If your dog is an Active-chewer and shreds his bed, then go for the longer-lasting chew-resistant beds.

We have several comfortable beds from our collection to choose from:

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8. Love Your Canine Companions

No miracle can let your pup live longer than your love and affection. All of the pet owners love their dogs, but with time it goes too far. If you start ignoring your pet, it hurts him and can harm his health. All the pets cherish the love and attention of their owners.

Follow the beautiful gesture that shows your unconditional love with your pup and make him happy by talking to him, spending quality time, playing his favorite games, and letting his spot on your bed or sofa.

9. Spay/ Neuter the Dog

Studies reveal that spaying and neutering add length to a dog's life and prevent him from serious diseases.

Female dogs are more likely to develop mammary cancer, while testicular cancer is more common in male dogs.

To prevent your dog from this deadly disease, spay and neuter him as early as possible by a vet who is special on the procedure.

10. Take Him Outside Under Supervision.

Leaving your dog unattended for a long time results in anxiety and behavioral changes. Moreover, they can be preyed by a predator or coyotes.

As a responsible pet parent, always take your pet under your supervision, monitor his play sessions, and, if you see something anonymous, take him back home immediately.

11. Keep the Worms Away

Smaller dogs are more likely to be infected by the heartworms, which damages their heart and results in early death. In contrast, larger dogs are less prone to such infections. It is recommended to give the heartworm preventatives to kill your dog's worms and let them live a longer and healthier life.

Here we have shared some productive and useful tips to prolong your dog's life. Follow them to keep your dog healthy and enjoy every moment of your life with your canine companion.

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