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How to Teach Your Dog to Socialize With Other Dogs?

socializing dogs

Want to upstand your canine into a well-mannered citizen? Want him to interact with a variety of dogs that come at your place?

The research reveals that dogs that aren't appropriately socialized become out of control during the road walks and cause embarrassment for their owners. About 1 in five dogs are a source of problem for their owners due to the improper socialization.

The significant problems that the owners of antisocial dogs face are jumping over other people, Separation anxiety, and Get scared of people, traffic noises, or household appliances.

Don't worry if you have missed the early socialization window of your dog, i.e., 3 to 4 months; there be still hope? We will guide you to properly socialize your dog that is critical for his health and well-being. Start interacting with your dog with other dogs in his early life as an adult dog will never entirely social.

What is Dog Socialization?

Training a dog to deal with practical problems without getting afraid is known as dog socialization. It ensures that a dog listens to the commands of his owner and gives him a positive response.

Dog socialization is not only about making a dog fearless. But it's a process of giving him confidence, making up his personality, and teaching good behavior. It allows a dog to develop a great bond with other people and dogs.  

Dog Socialization Window

Dogs are open to learning new things and accepting the changes in their surroundings at early 16 weeks of their lives. There are two fear imprint periods of a dog First fear imprint phase between 8 to 11 weeks. The second fear imprint phase occurs in 6 to 14 months old dogs.

During these periods, if anything fearful and traumatic happens to a dog, its consequences will be everlasting. It's necessary to expose your dog to other dogs to make these bad experiences, positive ones.

Why do you need to socialize a Dog?

If you often have a stressful visit to the pet hospital, you need to socialize your dog. Dog socialization will benefit to you and your puppy.

You can enjoy pleasant trips with your dog, and the pup will be able to deal with his fears of meeting unfamiliar people and dogs. He will be more active and stress-free for the rest of his life, making it easy and enjoyable for you to bring a dog.

How to Socialize a Dog with Other Dogs?

The introduction of your dog with other dogs is very important to enable them to overwhelm their fears. Allow your puppy to meet with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Many of the dogs enjoy socialization and love to mingle with other animals of their species.

1. Initially Introduce To a Single Dog

A dog between the ages of 1 to 3 years would love to socialize with only one dog. Introducing him to a dog park initially will not be a good idea. So to socialize your pup find a family having a gentle dog and taking them together on a walk. But don't forget to maintain the appropriate distance between both of them.

However, if your dog feels comfortable with the other one, then allow them to interact. In case any of them show aggressive behavior, talk to them calmly in a low tone. After some time, when they may close to one another, let them play together.

2. Taking Different Routes Every Day

Another essential part of socializing a dog is to take them through varying routes each day. At the different routes, a dog can meet several other animals and become aware of new smells and sights. Try to take him to a new environment and different places like sidewalks, clean roads, dirt roads, busy areas, calm neighborhood, etc.

3. Hitting a Dog Park

Let your bushy-tailed buddy hit a park and provide him another excellent opportunity to socialize.

Caution: don't take your unsocial adult dog initially to a park, it may cause anxiety. So, before introducing your pooch to a dog park, check out his body language and social history. Secondly, take him to a park under strict instruction.

4. Set up a Puppy Playdate

Another way to mingle up your canine pal with other dogs is to arrange a doggy playdate. Suppose any of your friends have a friendly dog then setup a puppy playdate. Host a date in a safe and perfect environment, and a home is best for it. In case none of your friends have a dog, then through Facebook and social media, find the willing dog owners in your area.  

Consider these things when hosting a playdate

  1. Decide carefully how many dogs can comfortably adjust at your home.
  2. Before gathering a group of dogs, Make sure that you remove all the toxic and harmful things from their way. Also, remove the things which can cause competition between them like food bowls, toys, or any kind of treat.
  3. For a playdate, consider the right environment, if you don't have a spacious yard in your home, invite a few dogs. If possible, arrange the playdate outdoors in a large yard because running around a big space can reduce the stress of the dogs.
  4. Keep water and food for all the canine visitors in hand.  

5. Notice the Aggressive Dog Behavior

If you notice any changes in your puppy's behavior like he barks and growl most often during, then remove him from the particular situation. Take him to a calm and soothing environment. Moreover, try to distract him with a toy or a treat

6. Go to the Well-Run Puppy Class

During vacations, take your dog to puppy classes. In these classes, a dog is taught different training commands and introduced to other dogs. But make sure that the trainer of the course should be skilled and certified. He must train the dogs properly with no bullying and rough plays.

Final Thoughts!

Summing up, socialize your dog by introducing him to other dogs. There are different ways of socializing a pup like setting up a playdate, going to a dog park choosing different during walks. Socializing will help a dog relieve his stress and become exposed to various smells, noises, and sights.

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