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What to Look For When Buying a Dog Coat

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If the weather changes and it's getting cold, you must think of buying a durable and best coat for your canine companion; it will keep him warm and protected from the external environment.

Previously, domestic dogs were used to bear harsh conditions and don't need a coat for their safety, but nowadays, breed dogs need to put on a coat for their protection and maintain their breed standards.

Do all the Dogs Need to Wear a Coat?

Well, most dogs remain warm in winters and don't need thick winter coats. While for some other dogs of thin fur, week immunity, and low fats, a coat is a must-have component. Dogs of different breeds and older age also need a coat to keep them warm and healthier. In winters, the only coat is not sufficient for a dog; he must also be kept dry. So before buying a coat, make sure that your dog needs it.

Material and Quality

The material and quality of the dog's coat should be taken into consideration while buying it. Select the quality of the coat according to seasons and the area where you are living.

  • For winters, coats should be warm enough so that your dog doesn't feel cold.  
  • Select waterproof coats for rainy seasons.
  • For long walks in the forest, your dog requires heavy coats.
  • If you are living near the seashore, then choosing a wind-resistant coat will be the best choice.
  • For providing your dog extra protection against wind and rain, choose the special coats covered with fleece. Many coats have removable fleece; you can detach fleece in summer.

The material also determines how your dog feels while wearing the coat. If your dog doesn't feel comfortable in bulky coats, try to buy lightweight coats with soft fabrics. Avoid buying silky and nylon fabric coats because these cause itching and irritation.

If chewing things is your dog's habit, then choose that material that is not toxic and doesn't harm him.


The style of your dog's coat also matters. Dogs can wear coats of many forms, but you should consider their comfort level. The best style that is preferred is a classic shape coat. It is best both functionally and practically. There are many fashionable styles of coat; although these coats look cute, they can affect your dog's comfort. Choose loose-fitting coats for your dog's comfort.

Design of the Coat

There are dog coats of different designs but look for a coat that is easy to put on a dog. For an active dog, don't buy the coat that fits from the legs because it might restrict his legs and bother him. But if you have an inactive dog rather then choose the coat that fits from the legs and provide warmth to them. For older arthritic dogs, make sure that from the legs, the coat secures and covers the legs fully, but it is generous enough.

Measure the Size of the Dog

Before buying the coat for a dog, measure the size of the chest, neck, and back length to his tail, so the coat perfectly fits the dog. You can also choose a fit dog coat through the dog coat size chart. Don't let your dog wear a tight garment.

To check that either the coat perfectly fits a dog, use TWO FINGER RULE. According to this rule, if you can easily adjust your two fingers in the coat, it will fit your dog perfectly. Further checking the fitting by this method will also indicate if the garment is loose.  

Easily Washable

You should prefer a machine washable dog coat. When a dog spill over his food or drink over the coat, it gets dirty and unwearable for the next time, so go for the washable coat.

If you are buying a fabric coat instead of a polyester version, check that the coat is machine-washable for frequent washing, this will also help control pet odor.

How Can a Dog get used to a Coat?

To must understand that the dog will not immediately wear a coat and get used to it. Firstly, make sure that the dog is comfortable wearing a coat. If he isn't, then you can't force him. Start training him to get used to a coat by rewarding him in the form of the treat or dog toy; so that whenever he sees the coat, he may think that the coat is associated with a treat. Do this repeatedly for a couple of days, and he will get used to of coat.

Further, you can also make your dog get used to the warm feel of the coat. Rub the coat by his body without putting it on him. Then after doing this, give him a treat and continue this process for several days.

Now it's time to put on the dog coat; talk to your pooch gently and during the talk put on the coat. Once he wears the coat again, reward him with a treat or praise him. If the dog misbehaves, don't give him a treat.

Tip: Initially put the coat on your dog for a few seconds; then gradually increase the time.

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Summing up, as with the dog, routinely make sure that he wears a coat in winters; it is important to keep a dog dry and warm. You can use different types of dog coats depending on their convenience, like a waterproof coat, strong coats, wind-resistant coat, or a special coat. A dog wearing a coat will be more comfortable on long walks.

Consider all the above tips when choosing a coat for your canine companion and save him from the ice and snow.

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